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18th October 2011

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I apple, therefore I am!

Two rather ironic things happened in the last two weeks and both are related in a somewhat bizare way.  Firstly,  Steve Jobs, the creative visionary behind apple died from cancer and I finally joined the smart phone revolution and got signed up with a Samsung Galaxy SII.

I have an apple computer- a rather nice MacBook Pro that I love dearly and I own an Ipod and I am savvy with the other ‘I’ products out there on the market such as the IPhone and IPad.  

For many years I have come to love the sophisticated and slick design that is associated with apple products and I have always known that they were the far more superior technical computing product on the market.  Early on at uni, they were the preferred computer for all desktop publishing when I studied computer art and design and in the page layout suites when I did my first round of work experience at the local newspaper, it was apples that were being used by the ‘quarkers’.

When deciding to purchase a ‘smart’ phone, I went with the samsung product as I liked its design and the better camera, but I hate to say it, I really didn’t do my research that well and have almost needed a PHD to try and work out how to get the damn non apple smart phone to ‘talk’ to my macbook.

What I have realised though, is that something is in fact a little rotten in apple land and trying to use another phone, a non apple phone with their product is not easy at all and why is this the case?  

Why is the whole phone/computer compatability issue just that?  when or if I buy a new digital camera, I don’t have to first make sure that I can use it with my ‘apple’ product, so why is there a coke/pepsi, VHS/Beta war going on here between apple and android?

I am now somewhat bemused at my actions and now realise that if I do infact want to ‘apple’, unless I have a PHD, I need to ensure that all of my gadgets are apple friendly, in other words, only apple.  Seems to me that apple are now doing exactly what Microsoft have done for most of computing history.  That is, created a product that is useless working with any other system or product and therefore the dominant force and not necessarily by choice or better product but just becasue the other option is just too hard.

As an end note, I have spent countless hours on my computer of late, looking and trying to figure out how to get these two devices to communicate and every time I get online, I am greeted by Steve Jobs himself, his tribute page staring at me and I look at him and can tell that he is probably saying to me as he holds onto his chin,  ”why did you get something other than apple?”

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